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Apex Select: CD/DVD Burner, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

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Apex: -Select: CD/DVD Burner Retail Box No Warranty on Software
Product Overview
Use select: CD/DVD Burner to manage, edit and burn photos, videos, music and data to CD or DVD. The simple, yet powerful interface will allow you to burn CD's and DVD's quickly and efficiently making it easier for you to achieve the results that you want.
Record your Images, Music and Files to:

Data Disc
Whether you've acquired a vast collection of files and need to free up space on your hard drive, or have important data such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates or Insurance documents stored on your PC. Simply archive them all to disc for safe storage and easy access. You can also prepare yourself against loss or accidental damage by burning backup disc's that you frequently use, to save time and frustration.

Audio CD's
Why not create an audio CD of all your favourite music tracks so that you can listen to them at home, work or in the car, using MP3 or WAV files. It's simple, just 'drag and drop' the required music files and burn your unique album.

Mixed CD's
Want to mix data and music on one CD, no problem! Why not copy files for use in the office and your favourite music tracks to listen to in the car, all on one CD!

Photo Albums
Store all of your treasured digital photos, making your memories easily accessible in an instant. Create multiple copies of a special event, such as your daughter's wedding and send them to relatives and friends so that everyone can cherish the memory.

Video Disc
Preserve the memory of a recent holiday, your son or daughter's birthday party, school sports day or any other special event by creating a disc that can play on most DVD players and computers, and then share the moment or event with your family and friends. Making the memory easily accessible for either now or in years to come. select: CD/DVD Burner is compatible with VCD 1.1, 2.0 and SVCD standards.

Print Generation
Organise your disc collection using the Print Generation, to create customised disc labels and jewel case inlays. select: CD/DVD Burner will incorporate artist and track names into your designs. If you can't find a label or inlay that's suitable, simply create one of your own, we've even included 1,000 photo objects to help you be creative!

Digital Image Editor
Enter the 'Dark Room' by selecting the edit image icon, here you can add layers to your design, resize, rotate, and add shadows to text, you can even add barcodes to your inlay! If any of your photos have red-eye or you want to make any modifications, simply use the tool bar to edit and enhance.
Capture, manage, edit and burn photos, videos, music and data to CD or DVD
The simple, yet powerful interface will allow you to burn CD's and DVD's quickly and efficiently
Record to Data Disc, Audio CD, Mixed CD, Photo Albums, and Video Disc
Also includes Print Generator, and Digital Image Editor

Includes Bonus:
Print Generator
Digital Image Editor
1,000 Hemera Photo Objects

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