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Intellinet 19 Inch Cable Management Panel - 1U Rackmount with cover, Black, Retail Box , 1 year warranty

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Intellinet 19" Cable Management Panel - 19" Rackmount Cable Manager, 1U, with Cover, Black, Retail Box, No Warranty

Product Overview:
Cable management is the key to organization in your network or server racks. Intellinet Network Solutions 19" Cable Managers achieve optimal organization and ensure the best airflow to your equipment. This system employs cable strain relief for increased longevity of your server and networking equipment.

• 1U installation height
• Front-side fingers and rear pass-through holes for easy separating and routing of cables
• Removable cover to quickly add or remove bundled cables
• Cable-strain relief for increased longevity of server and networking equipment interfaces
• Suitable for Network and Server Cabinets as well as 2 & 4 Post Open Frame Racks
• Product Code: 714839
• Description: Intellinet 10" Cantilever Shelf
• 19" horizontal installation
• 1U installation height
• Plastic construction specifically designed for protection of cables
• Color: RAL 9005 Black
• 85 (L) x 485 (W) x 49 (H) [mm] 3.35 (L) x 19.09 (W) x 1.93 (H) [in]
Package contents
• 19" Cable Management Panel
• Installation instructions


Stock Code: 519717

Manhattan VELCRO CABLE TIES, Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Manhattan Velcro Cable Ties , Retail Box, No Warranty

Product Overview
The Manhattan Velcro Cable ties provide an excellent solution for Managing Network and Telecommunication cable. Will not crimp patch cables like nylon ties when over-tightened, and, unlike nylon ties, are re-usable over and over again.

•Perfect to keep your cables neatly wound up and organized
•The Velcro band works great to clean up those messy cables on your computer, stereo and entertainment centres
•You can also use the Velcro tape to fasten batteries on airplane models, ship models and vehicle models

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